Engine Control Systems

The aim of the engine control system is operate the engine at maximum efficiency for a given condition. Engine control systems have two levels of control, FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) and ECU (Engine Control Unit). Engine control systems have been produced for both piston and gas turbine engines.

The engine control’s basic purpose is to provide optimum engine efficiency for a given flight condition. FADEC also allows the manufacturer to upload engine limitations and monitor engine health and receive maintenance reports.

BNA has been building its infrastructure to develop, design and manufacture engine control systems for piston and gas turbine engines.

Advantages of the system can be listed as follows:

  • Better fuel consumption and efficiency
  • Engine operation within the structural and performance limitations
  • In case of failure, multiple channel FADEC computer assures safety by redundancy
  • Engine and aircraft systems can operate together more efficiently
  • Monitoring engine health and providing diagnostics
  • Minimising the workload of flight crew by reducing number of parameters to be monitored
  • Saves weight