Position: Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Job Reference Code:  HR-ES-SSE

Location: Ankara

Posting Date: 31.10.2021

Closing Date: 31.12.2021

Number of Vacancies: 1

Job Type: Full-Time


Key Qualifications

·         B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering or other relevant departments

·         6+ years of experience in Software Engineering

·         Thorough knowledge and strong experience in using the C/C++ language, preferably for embedded platforms

·         Ability to generate life-cycle software artifacts, required for formal documentation of the software requirements, design and verification processes

·         Attitude to adhere to development plans and standards of the project, as well as the company’s processes while performing software development activities

·         Familiarity with software configuration management and change management tools (SVN, ClearCase, JIRA, ClearQuest, etc.)

·         Ability to work with multidisciplinary teams

·         Good organisational and communication (oral and written) skills, for which fluency in English is required

·         Self-starter and self-motivated who is used to working independently without extensive supervision or as part of project teams

·         For male candidates, completed military service


Strong Preferences

·         6+ years of experience in designing, coding, integrating, verifying and carefully documenting software for embedded avionic systems

·         Working experience in software development life-cycle and certification activities in accordance with RTCA DO-178

·         Experience in the development of embedded software for processing platforms without operating system (i.e. in bare-metal software development)

·         Experience in real-time operating systems, preferably for safety critical applications (Green Hills Integrity, Wind River VxWorks)

·         Experience in low-level software development such as Board Support Packages, device drivers, drivers for processor on-chip features, etc.

Optional Preferences

·         Experience in Graphical User Interface application frameworks (preferably Qt)

·         Experience in continuous integration, build and test automation

·         Familiarity with DOORS

·         Familiarity with Python

Job Description

The Senior Embedded Software Engineer will be a member of the software engineering team that performs the development, verification and maintenance activities of an embedded software in C language, certifiable for safety critical avionics systems according to RTCA DO-178 up to Level A.

The CV and cover letter must be saved, reporting clearly the Job Reference Code of the position.

Important: Only ".pdf, .doc, .docx" formats and maximum 1 MB file size is allowed per file.